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Dear customers, the bill for each table will not be split during payment. Thank you

Continental: double coffee, natural orange juice, toast or croissant 5,30 €

Sweet: double coffee, natural orange juice, cake 6,20€

Executive: double coffee, fresh orange juice, sandwich, «serrana» toast or cheese 6,70€

Venecia: double coffee, natural orange juice, toast with oil and tomato 6,40€

Vaporetto: Double coffee, natural orange juice, turkey or salmon bagel 7.80€

Mediterranéo: Double coffee, natural orange juice, and choose between: Greek Toast, Classic Turkey Toast or Classic Ham Toast 7.90€

Pincho of Spanish omelette with onion


Extras: Tomato 0.60 € | Jam and Butter 0.60€

Croisant 1,30€

Charlot Croisant 1,20€

Croisant Lottus 1,60 €

Churros 0,35€ unid.

Muffins 1,90 €

Homemade cake 2,50€

Sobao pasiego. 1,60€

Neapolitan 1,60€

Cakes (Almond/Orange Carrot Cake) 2,50€

Gondolero. Little Croisant. 0,50€ (unit) 1,60€ (Four Units)

Sourdough toast 1,30€

Toasted sourdough with EVOO 1,90€

Serrana toast (sourdough, tomato, serrano ham and EVOO) 2.90€

Goat roll toast: spice bread, goat roll, honey, raspberry 2,90€

Greek Toast: Rye Bread, Greek Yogourt, Lemon, Avocado and Crushed Tomato

o 4,90€

Classic Turkey Toast: Rye Bread, Cream Cheese, Turkey, Avocado, Chia Seeds and EVOO, €4.90

, 4,90€

Classic Ham Toast: Rye Bread, Cream Cheese, Serrano Ham, Avocado, Chia Seeds and EVOO,

, 4,90€

Mixed sandwich: (sourdough bread, cheese and ham) 2,90€

Mixed Croisant 2.90€

Salmon bagel: cream cheese, arugula, salmon 4,90€

Turkey bagel: cream cheese, arugula, turkey 4,90€

Portion tortilla with onion 2.50€

Red Fruits: Sweetened Yogourt with Sugar Cane, Muesli, Raspberries and Blueberries 4.90 €

Fruits: Sweetened Yogourt with Sugar Cane, Muesli, Kiwi and Dehydrated Fruit 4.90 €

Capuccino: (with cocoa or flavors) 2,50 €

Chocolate: 2,50 €

Vienes 2,90 €
Irlandés 3,50 €
Barraquito 2,20 €

Latte machiato 3,50 €
Choco vienes 3,50 €

CHAI LATTE: 2,20.-€




Pink Latte


Golden Milk

1,70 €

White tea: pau mu tam
Green tea: Japan sencha
Moorish Tea
Green tea with lemon peel
Red tea: Pu-erh
Black tea: Earl gray

Relax digest

Ayurveda (cinnamon, nettle, cloves and ginger).
Mint / Chamomile / Linden.

1,90 €

Rose Rooibos
TEINA: NO. delicate infusion with rosebuds, kiwi pieces and

Chili Forest
TEINA: NO. harmonious infusion with orange peel, cranberries and
chili. Slightly spicy aftertaste.

Tropical Trip
TEINA: NO. sweet infusion, with raspberries, pomegranate, papaya and apple.

Organic Lemon and Ginger
TEINA: NO. refreshing infusion with lemon, ginger, licorice
and mint.

Chinese Milky Oolong
TENINA: YES. Blue tea. In the process, the leaves are heated with steam
of water and milk. Aroma of dulce de leche.

Bread toast 1,30€

Homemade cake 2,50€